Fixed Fee Divorce Solicitor Service

Our divorce solicitors company will manage your divorce from start to finish for a fixed charge of simply ₤ 399. Compared to using a high street lawyer, this might save you over ₤ 1,500. Our solicitors will certainly handle all document with the courts and also any kind of third-party solicitors.

If you desire a simple and also fast way to get a divorce or liquify a civil partnership, you might try our fixed-fee divorce, which is perfect for couples that have agreed to separate as well as will not be objecting to the divorce.

You can petition for divorce for just ₤ 660 *, or if you are responding to an application from your partner, then our fixed cost is just ₤ 264 *. We take care of whatever, from the guideline to the finalising of the divorce.

We are one of the UK’s leading family legislation teams, approved by independent legal guides Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500, with years of experience managing divorces – from straightforward to intricate cases. Since we understand what to anticipate from a case, we’re able to offer a fixed charge.

You will certainly get your own legal expert that will deal with you from beginning to end, as well as there’s no demand to go to court. If you and your companion are not objecting to the divorce, it could be the perfect solution – if both of you react promptly the divorce can be settled in 4-6 months.

If there are economic or youngsters matters to deal with after that these would need to be handled individually from the fixed charge setup.

For the comfort that comes with clear as well as clear prices and also an experienced lawful team in your edge, call us to chat regarding our fixed-fee divorce choices on 07009490078, or call us on-line as well as we’ll return to you asap.

Your assessment is free as well as there is no commitment to continue with us after this first telephone call.

Solent Family Mediation provide you with professionally accredited trained individuals with the highest qualification and experience in Family Mediation Southern England Service.

Are you beginning divorce process?

This suggests you’re the petitioner if you’re beginning divorce process against your spouse.

Our fixed charge divorce solution for petitioners begins with ₤ 750, supplying both people agree to the divorce. Along with our charge, you’ll additionally require to pay a court fee of ₤ 593.

The court cost is payable upfront, along with our full cost. If you are on a low revenue, you might be qualified for assist with court fees. To learn more, see

These are the prices to legally end your marriage. There may be additional costs to settle any matters to do with possessions, funds or youngsters. This can differ depending upon the instance, and we can discuss your options with you when you start divorce procedures with us.

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Fixed fee divorce

Obtaining divorced isn’t just mentally draining. It can take a lot out of you economically, also.

That’s why we presented our fixed price solution. It removes a lot of the monetary uncertainties you’ll experience during your divorce, and also gives you higher control over your cash.


Fixed Fee Divorce

We offer a set price for the work that we carry out in divorce cases – whether you are divorcing someone or somebody is divorcing you. It’s more cost-efficient for you than if we were to charge by the hour. And it’s not at the cost of excellent solution– we’ll still provide all the psychological as well as professional assistance you’ll require, equally as we always do.


What is consisted of in the Fixed Fee Divorce?

All steps from initial guidelines via to Mandate Outright at the end of the divorce process. It’s every little thing you’ll require.

We encourage our consumers to attend our ‘Divorce Through The Eyes Of A Child’ workshops. These are run at our offices every month and also are an excellent possibility for parents that are separating to comprehend what divorce feels and also looks like to their child.


What is not included in the Fixed Fee Divorce?

The bundle does not consist of any kind of affiliated job such as economic job concerning complicated possessions or pensions (supplementary relief) or legal guidance provided where children are entailed. We may enhance our fees if unexpected added work is required, but we’ll constantly review this with you.


How much?

It depends whether you are the person who wishes to begin divorce process (the Petitioner) or the individual that has actually obtained a divorce request (the Respondent).

Assuming there aren’t any unexpected problems or complexities then the fee is:



₤ 250 plus VAT

An additional charge of ₤ 593 for the court fee which you’ll need to pay to start the divorce process.



₤ 250 plus VAT


Further Info

  • We will discuss your divorce with you at the beginning of the procedure as well as review how issues will certainly advance.
  • We will supply updates to you at crucial stages within the procedure.
  • We will certainly react to letters as well as e-mails within 3 working days of receipt and telephone messages that call for a return phone call within one functioning day.
  • This service is for couples who have agreed to divorce. We can additionally assist you if you are not in agreement, please call us to talk about even more.
  • Repayment is needed at the start of the procedure.
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Just how to Obtain a Low-cost Divorce

If you can’t pay for a lawyer or assume paying for one could be overkill, take into consideration these even more inexpensive choices for your divorce.

Whether you knew it was coming or your spouse amazed you with divorce documents, ending your marriage is a difficult time. Include monetary concerns concerning the divorce procedure, and also it can be downright overwhelming.

Among one of the most difficult facets of any type of divorce is determining exactly how to spend for it. You do have options to lower your costs, however, specifically if you’re willing to tackle a few of the jobs involved with obtaining divorced.

To save cash on your divorce, you’re most likely going to have to do your homework as well as take care of at the very least several of the work with your own. You can weigh the offered options versus your monetary circumstance, then make the call.

Uncontested Divorce: Collaborating to Conserve Cash

Divorces usually come under a couple of camps: uncontested as well as contested. In an uncontested divorce, the spouses have reached agreement on every one of their divorce-related concerns. In a disputed divorce, the spouses aren’t able to settle on lots of– if any kind of– of the concerns that must be solved to complete the divorce.

Most states use structured treatments for uncontested divorces. (Depending on the state you live in, an uncontested divorce may be called a “streamlined divorce” or a “recap dissolution.”) If you and your spouse are in basic arrangement regarding the concerns in your situation, you could be able to make use of your state’s uncontested divorce procedures to conserve cash and get to a quicker resolution.

If you’re not in complete contract with your spouse on divorce-related issues but think you may be able to function it out, think about arbitration, which we review listed below.


Is a Default Divorce an Option?
If you file for divorce as well as your spouse doesn’t respond or attend any one of the court hearings, you can ask the court for a default divorce, which suggests the court will certainly award you whatever you requested in your divorce declaring without dragging you through a test. A default divorce is just one of the least expensive means to divorce since just the filing spouse as well as the court are associated with the process.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce Filings: The Most Affordable Alternative

When your divorce is uncontested as well as you’re looking to conserve cash, you may take into consideration preparing and filing every one of the needed documents by yourself, without support from an attorney. If you have the ability to DIY your divorce, your only expenses will certainly be the court costs and also costs.


Finding the Divorce Kinds

You can usually DIY your divorce by getting ahold of your court’s cost-free divorce types. If your neighborhood court’s internet site does not have the forms you need, check the main site for all of the courts in your state (you can normally locate the pertinent website by looking for your state’s name as well as “courts”).

Notary can’t offer you legal guidance, yet a lot of will assist you find the documentation you need. Several courts give cost-free divorce packets personally (or online); others keep self-help facilities where you can pick up the required forms for declare divorce as well as instructions on sending them. In some courts, you could also be able to meet a family legislation facilitator– a court staff member whose task is to help people who are representing themselves in a divorce.

One type that your county or state could not provide is a negotiation agreement– the document where you write out your guardianship strategy (if you have kids), whether one spouse will certainly pay alimony, and also how you’ll split your residential or commercial property. If your region or state requires you to submit a negotiation agreement for an uncontested divorce, you may require to obtain one via an online divorce solution (much more on this listed below).


Declaring Your Forms

Once you finish the documents, which will take a while, you’ll require to bring numerous copies to the court house to begin your case. Some courts enable you to efile your divorce papers, as well as a few really need it (as an example, you need to efile your divorce forms in Illinois unless you get an exception from efiling).

The majority of courts require you to pay a declaring fee to begin processing your divorce case. You need to pay the fee whether you work with a legal representative, locate the court develops online free of cost, or pay a business to assist you with the kinds. Filing charges vary by state, and also you can figure out just how much you’ll require to pay by checking your neighborhood court’s website or asking your neighborhood notary.

When You Can Not Afford the Divorce Filing Fees
If you can’t manage the divorce declaring charges, you can ask the court staff for a fee waiver demand form. On this form, you’ll clarify to the court why you can not pay for to pay to file your divorce request and also various other documents.
Fee waivers typically stay in place throughout your situation, so if you have to submit an additional motion in your divorce, like an ask for temporary orders, you won’t need to pay the fee to submit that movement. (An activity is a formal request for a court to purchase something.) However note that the fee waiver covers only court costs and also does not remove or reduce specialist, mediation, or attorney charges.

Online Divorce Services: A Streamlined, Inexpensive Choice

For couples that agree on the majority of the problems in their divorce and also who don’t want to do it yourself the whole procedure, utilizing an online divorce service can be an economical choice.

On-line divorce services usually cost in between ₤ 150 and ₤ 900– the complete fee relies on which services you purchase. At a minimum, these services supply all the state-specific divorce kinds that you’ll need, in addition to step-by-step directions. Some on the internet divorce services use a specialist review of your papers to ensure you have actually filled them out appropriately.

As soon as you finish the files, you can print your documents as well as submit it with the court (conversely, some services will do this for an extra fee). Some services ensure that you’ll get your cash back if the court doesn’t approve your paperwork.

If you require aid beyond filing your documentation, numerous on-line divorce services provide additional assistance, such as consultations with an attorney or directions for preparing parenting strategies, for a fee.


Divorce Mediation: An Even More Inexpensive Happy Medium

When your attempts to function points out with your spouse have failed, you may still have an option that is more economical than fighting it out in court: arbitration.

If you can exercise all the terms of your divorce in a mediation, all you need to do is put the information in a formal contract– commonly called a “marriage settlement arrangement”– and present it to the court. Many arbitrators as well as mediation services will certainly prepare the marital settlement arrangement for you. You’ll only require to participate in a solitary court hearing for the judge to finalize your situation.

Several couples who are going through an opposed divorce in court first try arbitration in an initiative to save money. A lot of courts order couples to at the very least effort mediation prior to they will certainly issue divorce orders.

Partners who have been gotten to moderate generally have the option of using a complimentary (or affordable) court-appointed conciliator or a personal arbitrator. Exclusive arbitrators in opposed divorces have actually typically been costly, because the mediation sessions can last for days, with the parties paying for attorneys to be in attendance. Today, you can typically conserve cash by paying for just a few hrs of mediation, either face to face or online (and also you don’t need to have an attorney existing). Taking part in a formal mediation to work through disagreements is almost always less expensive than discussing the conflicts via court motions and hearings.


Restricted Depiction by an Attorney

It’s not constantly necessary to hire a lawyer to represent you throughout in a divorce case: You could be able to collaborate with a lawyer on an as-needed basis to save cash.

If you’ve filled out the divorce creates you located on your court’s site, you may take into consideration making a visit with a lawyer to go over the documentation and also discuss the divorce process to you prior to you file. Or, if you and also your spouse agree on the regards to your divorce, you can employ a lawyer to draft or assess your marital negotiation agreement before you submit it to the court.

Hiring an attorney to assist you in a limited way is much less costly than having full depiction for the duration of your divorce, as well as paying for a hr or more of an attorney’s time can aid you stay clear of expensive errors.


Taking Care Of Divorce With Legal Aid or Pro Bono Assistance

If you certify for aid, your state’s legal aid solution might be able to supply you with cost-free details, detailed directions, as well as court types. Some legal aid organizations provide lawyers to assist customers throughout their divorces, particularly in cases where there is a severe demand– for example, when there is spousal or child misuse.

For additional information, read up on legal aid and for the public good depiction, as well as just how to discover it.


What Can Fail With an Inexpensive Divorce?

Using a cost effective online divorce service or handling your divorce by yourself works out for a lot of people. Every case is different, and going the low-cost route occasionally brings danger. Below are some situations where you may require to consult an attorney.

  • Battling with court treatments. Every court has step-by-step guidelines that you must follow. Failure to adhere to these regulations can cause hold-up or perhaps dismissal of your situation. After you submit your divorce, every state requires you to “offer” your spouse with a duplicate of the paperwork and also provide proof of shipment to the court prior to the situation can go on the court’s schedule. If you collaborate with an on the internet divorce service, it could be worth paying extra (if it’s a choice) to have it manage the service as well as filing of paperwork. If you’re trying to manage the whole instance on your very own as well as are getting perplexed or stuck, it possibly makes sense to pay for some assistance.
  • Online services are usually optimal for straightforward divorces. If your divorce entails a whole lot of home or if you expect hiccups in the process, an on-line solution could not be able to obtain the work done.
  • Bargaining. If you represent yourself as well as make a bad deal, the court will not shield you later on. For instance, intend you accept give your spouse your marital residence without requesting for anything in return. In a lot of states, courts do review the last negotiation contract to make sure that it’s fair to both partners and that neither forced the various other right into the contract. Yet leaving it to the judge is dicey. If the judge– who won’t be almost as accustomed to your case as an attorney or moderator you’ve hired– doesn’t examine your contract before finalizing it, you could lose out on important assets.
  • Choosing the incorrect service. If you choose an on the internet divorce or arbitration service that isn’t well, things could go wrong: The solution could not supply on its guarantees, the conciliator may not be effective, or you may uncover after making use of the solution that you’re mosting likely to need a whole lot more support to actually finish the divorce. Selecting a doubtful service could cause your needing to battle to get a refund or needing to start the procedure all over again.

So What’s the very best Inexpensive Divorce Choice for You?

To conserve cash on your divorce, you’re most likely going to have to do your homework as well as deal with at least some of the work on your own. You’ll additionally require to assess just how much time you’re ready as well as able to devote to DIY’ing some or all of the procedure.

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Fixed Price Divorce Explained

Just how does a fixed fee divorce work?

A fixed price divorce runs similarly as any other divorce job done by a solicitor, yet the fee you pay for the divorce is fixed upfront. It can be made use of for all divorces, as well as whilst some are complex psychologically, the process itself is instead easy. That stated, additional difficulties, such as financial negotiations or plans for any kind of children, whilst not forming part of the divorce process itself, are part of the general settlement picture and also it is usually better to get those issues pin down prior to acquiring the Mandate Absolute.

If, during the course of your first meeting, a solicitor locates components that are also made complex for a fixed fee divorce, they will generally encourage you and agree a method onward, such as utilizing a combined fee structure, where more straightforward parts of the divorce are dealt with under a fixed fee, with more complex job done under a per hour price solution. That stated, most divorces in England as well as Wales are not objected to, actually, 99% of all divorces move on undefended.

Do all firms need to use fixed fee divorce?

No, though in recent times, fixed fee payment has actually become more common. According to a recent survey, 74% of those firms evaluated stated different prices models on their websites. There is no responsibility on any type of company to use fixed fee divorces, however, to stay competitive, most do. Although, the cost of the fixed fee and also what is consisted of within it vary from company to firm as well as the area of the UK the company is positioned.

What is generally included in a fixed fee divorce?

  • Advising on the grounds for divorce, the claims within the application, as well as its most likely timescales
  • If you are the petitioner, completion of the divorce petition, application for Decree Nisi/Decree Outright
  • Advice on the divorce procedure
  • Preparing as well as sending your response to the divorce request, called the “Recognition of Service”
  • Suggesting complying with receipt of the Mandate Nisi/Decree Outright
  • Document in between you as well as your spouse, and the court
  • Managing the divorce process and also maintaining you updated throughout
  • It is crucial to inspect with your solicitor what is included within your plan. Some companies different fixed fee divorce bundles into “Petitioner” and “Participant”.

As a general policy, the fixed fee approach puts on uncomplicated divorces where both events agree. If nonetheless, disagreement or various other complexities creep in to the procedure from either spouse as well as the solicitors are required to refer each other to settle those problems, then this work will generally be beyond the fixed fee.

What is not typically included in a fixed fee divorce?

  • If you desire to defend the premises for divorce), opposed divorce procedures (.
  • Any kind of court fees, such as the issue fee for the divorce application, or process server costs.
  • If you do not have it), the price of acquiring a duplicate of the marriage certification (.
  • Implementing a costs order.
  • A cross-petition. This is where the Respondent differs with the premises claimed in the divorce petition, and also issues their own.
  • Court representation (although, in practice, nearly all divorce instances are managed theoretically).
  • Any type of lawful guidance or work needed to deal with financial resources and also any type of involved work or the monetary settlement concerning the family house or pensions.
  • Conflicts, advice, or job bordering arrangements for the children (although some firms do offer a separate fixed fee child setups plan, so it is constantly worth asking).

The above list is merely an indicator as well as will certainly vary between cases and from firm to company. If you are in any doubt as to what is consisted of within the package you have actually concurred, it is constantly best to contact your solicitor and ask them to clarify it additionally to you.

Can the company be required to maintain to the fixed fee they estimated?

These policies need firms to publish their prices and solution information on their website. The reality is, that also where fixed fee divorces are provided, they can be challenging to carry out in cases which can be unforeseeable or complex.

Your solicitor needs to keep you advised of the cost, usually at landmark events, such as issuing a divorce petition, or Decree Nisi phase. And if there is any type of indication the costs are mosting likely to go beyond the fixed fee, they need to provide you reasons together with a revised cost price quote. You can after that make an informed decision regarding whether to continue.

In the majority of companies, the fixed fee will have been carefully computed, yet as an issue of excellent method, initially of the case, a solicitor should additionally offer you a costs approximate based on the recommended job to finish your situation, and also complete details of their grievance’s treatment. If you do not obtain a satisfying response, then you can make a more grievance to the SRA.

Making a fixed fee divorce work for you.

A fixed fee divorce is fit to anybody seeking a divorce that has a genuine desire to gain from the know-how of a solicitor whilst handling the cost. It enables you to better plan as well as handle your expenditures, giving you the benefit of:.

  • Predictability– the costs of the divorce are recognized beforehand and won’t give you any kind of shocks at the end.
  • Comfort– there is no requirement for you to be worried regarding the hrs ascribed to seeing the divorce via to the end mounting up due to the fact that they are currently developed right into the price of the fixed fee.
  • Professional advice– a fixed fee pressures a solicitor to contemplate their method, guiding them in the direction of a more collective method.

If you are still perplexed concerning how the fixed fee procedure for your chosen solicitor will function or what it requires, a lot of use a preliminary fixed fee consultation or complimentary consultation and also will certainly be more than willing to talk you through what you can anticipate and also to aid you via every element of your divorce.